Is writing content for your business starting to feel like a
never-ending time suck?

You love your business. You really do.

You know the work you’re doing is impactful and changes your client’s lives. You love showing up for your audience, spreading your message and sharing value.

But you’re starting to feel like…

  • Managing your blog, podcast, Instagram and YouTube channel has turned into a full-time job and you can’t keep up
  • You’re on a never-ending content creation hamster wheel constantly churning out new content each week, and you’re starting to feel burnt out
  • You keep falling off the wagon with your posting and wonder how others seem to show up so effortlessly and consistently
  • You wish you could focus on your zone of genius – coaching and educating – rather than stressing out about your content marketing!

What if I told you there was a way you could increase your visibility to consistently attract leads + clients (without spending ALL your precious time writing content)?

Imagine if you could simply show up for your community in one place – like a weekly video or podcast – and then hire a content manager to repurpose that content all over the internet?

All of a sudden your to-do list has shrunk, all while you grow and nurture your audience through value-packed content that has them asking where they can sign up for your programs and courses.

Video or Audio Content

We’ll start with a piece of video or audio content that you’ve produced. This could be a podcast, YouTube video, Facebook live, or private video link you send me. This will be our base from which I’ll begin repurposing your content!


Once you send me your audio or video content, I’ll work my magic and repurpose it into an engaging blogpost for your audience (the word count will depend on the length of the audio or video clip you send me).

Email Newsletter

Let’s not forget about growing and nurturing your email list! We’ll send out the value-packed blogpost to your subscribers, either summarized or with a link that drives traffic back to your site.

Social Media Captions

I’ll pick out smaller sections from your blog and transform them into four captions for Instagram (or your preferred social media channel) that drive engagement and foster connection.

Social Media Graphics

I’ll throw in some visual content creation into your package with a couple of social media quotes or tips. Simply send me your branded templates (or purchase some for an additional fee) and I’ll plug in your best nuggets of wisdom into beautifully branded graphics.

Let me help you…

  • Stop spending 8-12 hours a week creating content so you can instead focus on revenue-generating activities and step into your CEO shoes
  • Grow your audience and authority online in a way that feels authentic and intuitive 
  • Turn your followers and subscribers into buyers faster using my Maximize Your Content Method
  • Be able to take time off or book that vacation without feeling guilty about not showing up for your audience


The Rock Your Repurposing

A done-for-you content repurposing service where I turn one piece of content into nine, so you can grow your audience + impact in less time

With my signature done-for-you content repurposing service, all you need to do is send me a piece of audio or video content, and I will take care of the rest! I’ll rework your video or audio content so it’s appropriate for new channels – like your blog, email list, and social media.

It’s time to stop staring at a blinking cursor trying to come up with words and let me (and your past content greatness!) do all the hard work.

Forget about writing your weekly content, I’ve got you covered!

How It Works

1. Purchase the Starter Pack via the “Buy Now” button below. You’ll be directed to PayPal to reserve your spot.

2. I will follow up with you within 1 business day with an email and intake form to collect your video content to repurpose.

3. After you’ve submitted your video to repurpose, I will deliver your content via Google Docs within 10 business days.

IMPORTANT: I only take 4 starter pack clients/month.



1 Blog Post

to boost your website’s SEO and become seen as a knowledgable expert by providing educational written content (also perfect for those who need content for Pinterest!)

1 Email Newsletter

to nurture your email subscribers, so you’re audience stays warm and connected to you (so that when launch time comes around you’ve built that know, like, and trust factor!)

4 Social Media Captions

to engage your social media followers! These captions go deep (no fluff!) and help you educate and give value on the ‘gram (or whichever social media platform you want me to write for!)

2 Social Media Graphics

to help boost your visual content creation game and establish brand authority – simply share your Canva templates with me and I’ll find your most quote-worthy moments and transform them into visuals

Emma is fantastic! She is always professional in her communication, and very warm and friendly in person! I loved the service she provided for me, and the end result was better than I could have imagined!

I didn’t know if she’d be able to capture my voice (especially when sometimes I’m not even sure I know my voice!) but the content she wrote sounded exactly like me (just better organised!) + it was ENGAGING. I was actually interested to read my own content and this was incredible! From just one video I had so much material: a blog post, a few IG/ LI posts and quotes that I could use.

So if you’re thinking of hiring Emma – DO IT! You won’t regret it!

-Mili Velikova, Business Coach

Choose Your Package


(one-time, no commitment)

Have a single video or podcast episode you’d like to repurpose? Want to try out my repurposing services at a low-cost, in a no-commitment way?

The Starter Pack is for you!

All you need to do is send me your video/audio content, and I will send back:

1 blog post (length dependent on video/audio clip)
♥ 1 email newsletter 
♥ 4 social media captions
♥ 2 social media graphics

Investment: $195 USD


(weekly content repurposing, 3-month retainer)

This package is for the entrepreneur who wants to take their multi-channel marketing strategy to the next level and is ready to outsource a large portion of their content marketing (so you can focus on scaling your biz!).

We’ll be pumping out content each week so you can continuously fuel your funnel and keep showing up as a thought leader in your space.

Each month, you’ll send me 4 pieces of audio/video content and you’ll receive:

♥ 4 blog posts (length dependent on video/audio clip)
♥ 4 email newsletters 
♥ 16 social media captions
♥ 8 social media graphics

Investment: $783 USD/month


(full-service content management, 3-month retainer)

This package is for the CEO who wants a totally hands-off content management process. I’ll manage your content from creation to publishing, so all you need to worry about is showing up one video once per week and I’ll handle the rest!

Rest easy and focus on revenue-generating activities knowing your content is being repurposed, you’re pumping out regular SEO-optimized blog posts, your list and followers are being nurtured, and you have someone in your corner making sure your brand is showing up consistently and cohesively across all platforms each week.

Each month, you’ll send me 4 pieces of audio/video content and you’ll receive:

♥ 4 blog posts (length dependent on video/audio clip)
♥ 4 email newsletters 
♥ 16 social media captions
♥ 8 social media graphics

I’ll also handle:

♥ Weekly blog post publishing and SEO optimization
♥  Creation of blog feature image and IG story graphic

♥ Weekly newsletter formatting and scheduling
♥ Weekly social media post scheduling across platforms

Investment: $1450 USD/month

Emma was so easy and fun to work with. Her content repurposing service is one I’ve already recommended to others (with no hesitation but secretly hoping they don’t take up all her time because I want to book it again!). She was able to match my voice perfectly and produce what would have taken me hours and hours! When I opened the nicely organized Google Doc upon delivery I think I cried just a little. It was so cool to see exactly what I’d envisioned someone doing but until finding Emma had ZERO luck getting someone who could do it! Save yourself some time and hand a video over to Emma, you’ll be able to get so much more of your time back in exchange for the cost.

Jennifer Sanjines, Web Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just a transcription service?

No! I always use a transcription as the base for creating the blog, newsletter, and captions but this service is so much more than just a transcription. I know many people choose to post transcriptions of their podcasts or videos as blogs but in my opinion, they don’t always read well and are not engaging for website visitors. I take what was said in your videos or podcast and turn it into a blog-format, easily digestible article that will have your website visitors coming back for more.

I'm worried you won't get my voice right. Will this sound like me?

Because I’m repurposing content you’ve already created, this is the perfect service for entrepreneurs who are hesitant to hire a content writer as they fear it won’t sound like them. These are YOUR thoughts and ideas, simply packaged up into new forms of content. I take note of your tone and voice as I listen to you and infuse it into the content I create for you.

I'm not sure if this is for me. What sort of businesses use this service?

This message is for anyone that wants to spread their message far and wide to attract leads and clients. Most of my clients are coaches, educators, course creators, and creatives. Anyone who is currently marketing their business using audio and/or video content could benefit from using a content repurposing service.

What's your turnaround time for delivering content?

Once I receive the video or audio file, I will deliver you back your content within 5-7 business days.

I want my blog post to be optimized for a certain keyword. Can you help with that?

If you want your blog to be optimized for a certain keyword that pertains to the topic, I can be sure to include it throughout the text as well as in headings for SEO optimization. 

I need someone to help with posting and scheduling content as well. Do you help with this?

I offer content management services for an additional fee. This includes publishing your blog and newsletter as well as scheduling social media posts.

I don't have audio or video content by I'm still interested in content repurposing. Can you help me?

While I highly recommend you begin incorporating video into your marketing strategy, I can still help you if you’re not using audio or video! We can discuss repurposing your blog posts in social media posts or whatever other custom repurposing project you have in mind.

Ready to start attracting leads and clients on auto-pilot through content repurposing?