It’s time you hire a sidekick.


– Frazzled and overwhelmed

– Doing things last minute without a clear workflow or plan

– Struggling to find consistency in your marketing and content

– Doing #allthethings, but you’re not even sure if any of them are working because you’re stretched too thin

– Constantly dealing with tech headaches and glitches (so not your zone of genius)

Enter My Creative + Technical VA Services

It’s about time we transform your business.

You need a sidekick to keep you accountable, to make sure all those projects get done, to make sure you’re not just “busy” –  you’re actually productive.

You have the vision and the ideas, but sometimes life happens and the execution takes a backseat. I get it, we’ve all been there.

I’m here to show you there’s a better way. You don’t need to keep doing everything all by yourself.

Say goodbye to an exhausted entrepreneur fearing burnout, and say hello to an outsourcing queen who’s productive and focused!


– You’re set up on a project management software and have a clear workflow.

– We discuss weekly or bi-weekly, so we can strategize and prioritize to move forward together on your most important tasks.

– You plan your content in advance, and have everything organized in an editorial calendar

– Your content workflow is much smoother because you have me in the background repurposing your valuable content across multiple platforms #worksmarternotharder.

– You’re able to find consistency and focus on growth rather than just trying to keep up. Because you have someone taking care of the details, you can finally think big picture and work ON your business instead of in it.

– You spend less time on tech headaches and Googling things. Your systems are set up and optimized, and you always have someone to turn to if there’s a glitch or tech issue.

Hourly Retainer Packages

My hourly retainer packages are best for entrepreneurs and businesses that have a variety of tasks they need help with each month. Smaller hourly projects can be purchased at the rate of $35/hour. All prices are in USD. Choose a retainer package and for savings and to get priority in my work schedule. Hours do not carry over to the next month.

Your Investment

My monthly packages start at $300/month.

what people are saying

Although Emma and I have only been working together for a short time her impact on my business has already been significant. From keeping me organized to getting tasks quickly completed, she has made herself an integral part of my team.

What I really love is about Emma is that she is more than a VA! With her unique graphic design and digital experience she continually offers me new ideas and suggestions on how we can improve my online presence, which is incredibly valuable to a solo entrepreneur. She has brought a new energy and excitement to my business for which I am incredibly grateful for.

Desirée Sher

Life + Meditation Coach

Emma is amazing! She was able to understand my vision and literally take my drawings and ideas and turn them into a reality. She is fun to work with and easy to talk to and very personable and quick ! I can’t say enough good things about her and her professionalism! she was the catalyst and key to turning my online business into a reality!

Daniela Crocco

Personal Chef

Emma reviewed my website to suggest changes for a better customer experience. Her detailed report plus the virtual consultation was incredibly informative. She provided me with a step by step plan to update my website for a better customer experience and to increase my online sales.

Angie Boudreaux Leblanc

Health Coach

emma wolno

web designer + virtual assistant helping coaches and creatives grow and run their businesses with more grace and ease